Breeding mares

Our breeding mares are:

Urescauta: she is a star mare of the "Rohdiamant"/"Donnerhall" son and fantastic breeding stallion "Royal Dance", and the mother is a preference daughter of the grand prix stallion "Krack C". She is a member of the "Bryolita" family which is very famous in Holland. Three of her sisters were champion in Holland and that’s unique!!She has a son of "Painted Black", 16.3 hands and very talented . Her daughter Gucci was champion in France last year and her son Danseur was fourth by the six years old! A lord Loxley daughter in England looks very promising. Urescauta became ill and died this winter but we are glad we had her and we continue our breeding with three daughters of her.

Vrouwkje:Is a daughter of the short lived Amsterdam son to Argentinus although he had a limited production due to his short Life he sired a participant of the Olympic Games in Beijing. Her mother Isabelle a preference daughter of the famous Ramiro and after then a preference daughter of the trakehner Doruto. There are more grand prix horses of this family. She is a fantastic broadmare and brought several succesfull Children, like Daupine in Holland, Fernandel nearly grand prix etc. For 2021 she is in foal of the excited Millennium son Ivanhoe.

Bacharel: daughter of His Highness out of a very good Ferro mare and after that Donnerhall and Rubinstein.Dream stallion His Highness died very young but hé was a top progenitor. He was a combination Hohenstein / Donnerhall.The female line of Bacharel is German. The stallion Galaxie is of Bacharel's sister. Bacharel is the mother of Kir Royal (Herzensdieb), one of the best horses in France and Love Me, third by the three years old. Bacharel died this year but we are continuing this line with two mares, Geneteuse and Layla.

France: is a daughter of Donautanz of the Royal Dance mare Urescauta.Donautanz, De Niro x the legendary Caprimond is with his offspring in the top 1 procent of Germany.This lovely mare is a very interesting broadmare. She is a sister of Danseur, fourth of France, Gucci champion in France and Kleopatra who was this year fifth in the french championship! Her daughter J'adore was allready very succesfull on the french championship.


Geneteuse: is a daughter of Herzensdieb and Bacharel. This mare had all the genes of the top stallions in her pedigree. His Highness, Ferro, Donnerhall, Rubinstein and Hohenstein and it is no wonder she is a fantastic mare. Double Hohenstein and Donnerhall. She is for 2021 in foal of the Millennium son Lowlands who was extremely high in the stallion test in Holland.

Link: Movie Geneteuse


Joie de Vivre: : is a daughter of Beltano and Urescauta. Beltano is a son of Belissimo M out of a mother of Hohenstein x Donnerhall. Joie is a sister of Danseur, Gucci, Kleopatra and France. She is for the second time in foal of the Millennium son Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe has allready several sons who are accepted for stallion. They are very beautiful with a lovely caracter. He is one of the most demanded trakehners.


Layla: is a daughter of For Romance and Geneteuse. For Romance is one of the most popular stallions in the world at the moment. Layla is a beauty with a lot of expression. For 2021 she is in foal of her first child and the sire is Ivanhoe.